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Building Access Control

UIC promotes the security of its facilities by restricting access to secured spaces using access control systems. Electronic access control systems provide a set of protocols and mechanisms that restrict entry at building or room entrances. Campus access control systems go beyond physical key-based devices to allow sophisticated control of which individuals are authorized for entry into a particular space and at what times.

In the vast majority of cases, the credential that is used to secure access on campus is the standard university i-card. For information on how to obtain or replace an i-card, please visit the UIC ID Center website.

University Policy Related to Electronic Access Control at UIC

UIC policy delineates responsibilities for managing electronic access to spaces on campus:

  • The Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services is responsible for the management of i-card access to public or common spaces where ingress is secured using electronic locks and door access readers.
  • Departments are responsible for managing i-card access to departmental spaces and any associated department-specific access control policies and procedures.

For any questions related to the installation or use of access control systems on campus, please email